The 2018-2019 training

I apologise sincerely, but I suddenly have to attend an interview, the date for which is in the middle of this training.

I have already been in touch with those of you who have tooked to refund you. If I have missed you, please be in touch.

I will put up alternative dates as soon as I am able.

Thank you, and sorry for the inconvenience.

Cost of Santa Cruz Yoga Teachers' Training

[A] $2,190 for the whole training if paid in full in advance.

[B] $1,170 for each of the two 7-day Intensives: Monday February 13 to Sunday February 19 2017 (Part I, Modules I to III) and Saturday July 29 to Friday August 4 2017 (Part II, Modules IV to VI).

[C] Modules I, II, IV & V are $498 each if purchased separately. Modules III and VI are $249 each.

[D] The cost of individual sessions depends on their length.

The Modular Nature of the Course

Although there is obvioiusly an organic and thematic unity to the course, each of the six Modules nevertheless has a certain degree of independence. Each therefore stands alone. The programme is arguably at its best and most consistent when the six modules are studied in sequence, but they have been constructed with the busy lifestyle in mind, and so so can be studied in any order and at any time. There is virtually complete reciprocity and interchangeability of the modules between the various locations where the programme is taught. Since they do not have to be studied consecutively, then as long as space is available, it is possible to begin with any module and take them in any order—and even at different locations.

For further information please contact: Yoga Center Santa Cruz 428-C Front Street Santa Cruz CA 95060 Tel: 831 423 6719