Index of Mantras Chanted

  1. The Guru Gayatri mantra: Read | Listen
  2. Yogena cittasya—an invocation to Sage Patañjali: Read | Listen
  3. Yastyaktva—an invocation to Sage Patañjali: Read | Listen
  4. Sam no Mitra—a mantra for the removal of obstacles: Read | Listen
  5. Vedam anucyacaryo: Taittiriya Upanishad invocation—on being a student: Read | Listen
  6. Vande gurunam—"I honour the Teachers": Read | Listen
  7. Sarva kalyani prarthana—mantra to bring prosperity to all beings: Read | Listen
  8. Aditya hrdayam—"the Sun in the Heart": Read | Listen

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