Getting & Installing Sanskrit fonts

(1) Downloading the fonts (Macintosh)

Newer Mac operating systems come with a default font, but it is not very "pretty". If you would like a better looking one then we provide it for you underneath in a compressed format.

If you want to be sure to get the very latest versions of the fonts, you can download them for yourself from their original sites and follow the instructions there:
Sanskrit 2003 from Omkarananda
Gentium Plus from SIL

Otherwise, please click on the links underneath representing your operating system. (If you are on Linux, Unix or some other OS you're on your own, but probably don't need the help!) You should then be able to save the file to your hard drive. The download should begin automatically.

Please be careful to note where the file is being saved as you will need to know this for Steps 2 and 3.

You might be presented with a dialogue box saying: "Save this file to disk?" or something similar. Please choose your download location and then answer "Yes" or similar.

Your desktop is probably the best idea, because then it is easiest to find. If the file simply begins downloading without consulting you, then try to note where on your hard drive the download is going.

If you are not allowed to specify the location with this method, but would like to control where the file is being downloaded to, then try 'right-clicking', 'alt-clicking' or 'control-clicking' directly on the link itself. That should then give you the chance to select where on your hard drive you would like to place the file.


Please click on this link to download and then save a compressed file entitled neededfonts.sitx to your hard drive. (If that does not work, then downloaded

Now go to Step 2, "Decompressing the fonts".

Fonts for Windows:
(0) Information (1) Download | (2) Decompress | (3) Install | (4) Test font | (5) Select browser

Fonts for Macintosh:
(0) Information (1) Download | (2) Decompress | (3) Install | (4) Test font | (5) Select browser